Assignment Tips

Successful Assignments
It can be beneficial to consult with a librarian as you plan your assignments. We are pleased to acquaint you with our resources. The following suggestions may also be helpful:
  • Coordinate assignments with colleagues to stagger library use, this will ease demand for the same materials.
  • Send a copy of your assignment for the library's Current Assignments file. This will enable the library to have a clearer understanding of your students' needs.
  • Students should come prepared. Although the library staff assists students in the use of the online catalog and periodical and newspaper indexes, complex projects may require more in-depth research skills. Please try to ensure that your assignments match the research abilities of your students.
  • The best assignments use a variety of resources. Assignments should encourage students to select a variety of books and periodicals and should allow students a choice of topics. Assignments that require all students use the same materials may prevent some students from completing their assignments.
  • Walk through your assignments at the library before giving them to the students, this assures that your questions can be answered by materials at the library.
  • We Tried! At times the library is unable to provide students with the necessary information. When this occurs students will be given a We Tried! form explaining the problem. If a student in your class receives one of these forms, please call to help us resolve the problem at 714-765-1888.