Policy Manual

The Anaheim Police Department's policy manual (partial only) is a living document that is subject to constant change. New laws, court decisions, City Council policies, new methodologies and other factors dictate the need for a continual review of these policies, initiating revisions where necessary and appropriate.

It is recognized that no set of policies and procedures, no matter how complete, can hope to address all the situations that may be encountered. When encountering such situations, this policy manual will serve as a guideline, and should be employed with sound reason, judgment and discretion.

Until a redacted version of the entire Policy Manual is available via this site in the near future, the sections included here represent a sample of those which are often requested by the public.
  1. English
  2. Spanish

Policy Sections

  1. Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
  2. Mission
  3. Law Enforcement Authority
  4. Chief Executive Officer
  5. Oath of Office
  6. Policy Manual
  7. Organizational Structure and Responsibility
  8. Law Enforcement Bulletins
  9. Emergency Management Plan
  10. Training Policy
  11. Administrative Communications
  12. License to Carry a Firearm
  13. Retired Officer CCW Endorsements
  14. Use of Force
  15. Major Incident Review Team
  16. Peer Support and Assistance Program
  17. Handcuffing and Restraints
  18. Control Devices and Techniques
  19. Conducted Electrical Weapon
  20. Officer-Involved Shooting
  21. Firearms
  22. Vehicle Pursuits
  23. Officer Response to Calls
  24. Canines
  25. Domestic Violence
  26. Search and Seizure
  27. Prisoner Escort in the Police Department
  28. Temporary Custody of Juveniles
  29. Adult Abuse
  30. Discriminatory Harassment
  31. Child Abuse
  32. Missing Persons
  33. Public Alerts
  34. Victim and Witness Assistance
  35. Hate Crimes
  36. Standards of Conduct
  37. Information Technology Use
  38. Report Preparation
  39. Court Appearance And Subpoenas
  40. Reserve Officers
  41. Outside Agency Assistance
  42. Registered Offender Information
  43. Major Incident Notification
  44. Death Investigation
  45. Identity Theft
  46. Private Persons Arrests
  47. Anti-Reproductive Rights Crimes Reporting
  48. Limited English Proficiency Services
  49. Communications with Persons with Disabilities
  50. Mandatory School Employee Reporting
  51. Chaplains
  52. Overt Camera System
  53. Child and Dependent Adult Safety
  54. Service Animals
  55. Bias-Based Policing
  56. Ride Along Policy
  57. Immigration Violations
  58. Body Worn Cameras (BWC)
  59. Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs)
  60. Radio Frequency Measurement Equipment
  61. Identification of Plainclothes Officers
  62. U Visa Certification
  63. Use of Red Blue Dash Lights in Unmarked Cars
  64. Body Armor
  65. Uniform Regulations