Level Pay Plan Option

If you are interested in having consistent utility bills throughout the year, then the Level Pay Plan Option may help you. Based on your prior usage history, an average amount will be applied to your bills for the first 11 months, and a true-up will occur in the last month.  

Please note that the Level Pay Plan Option does not reduce the amount of your bill. Customers are still responsible for paying the full amount of the energy used.
Level Pay

Plan Details & Requirements

  • Level Pay Plan Option is available for customers on a monthly billing cycle. If you would like to sign up for the Level Pay Plan, but are currently billed bi-monthly (every other month), we can switch you to monthly payments. 
  • Eligible customers will need to have a minimum of a 12-month billing history at their current address to enroll in Level Pay Plan. The history helps calculate an average amount that takes into consideration seasonal differences in usage.
  • Your utility account must be in good standing and clear of any remaining balance.   
  • At this time, solar accounts are not eligible for Level Pay Plan; however, all customers are eligible to receive their bills on a monthly basis, even without the Level Pay Plan. 
  • To enroll contact us

    Click here for Level Pay FAQ's