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Public Hearing for the City of Anaheim Proposed 2020 Urban Water Management Plan and 2015 Urban Water Management Plan Amendment

The City of Anaheim would like to invite all interested persons to the public hearing for Anaheim’s 2020 Urban Water Management Plan (2020 UWMP) including the proposed Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP) and proposed amendments to Anaheim’s 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (2015 UWMP Amendment).  The public hearing will be held in the Gordon Hoyt Conference Room on the second floor of Anaheim West Tower, 201 S. Anaheim Boulevard, on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 5:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as this matter can be heard.  The purpose of the hearing will be to solicit public comments prior to the adoption of the plan by the Anaheim City Council.

The 2020 UWMP and 2015 UWMP Amendment are prepared in accordance with the California Urban Water Management Planning Act (Act).  The Act requires Anaheim, as an urban water supplier, to prepare and adopt an urban water management plan to analyze water management issues unique to its water service area, including local and imported water supply sources, forecasted water demands, water conservation issues, and water shortage contingency planning. Anaheim is required to update its plan at least once every five years with last adoption by the City Council occurring in 2016.

ALL INTERESTED PERSONS are invited to attend the public hearing and express opinions on the above-described matter. Members of the public can also submit comments electronically for Board Member consideration by sending them to apupubliccomments@anaheim.net prior to the public hearing.

Copies of the proposed 2020 UWMP and WSCP and 2015 UWMP Amendment  will be available beginning May 6, for public review at the links below and at the following locations:  

Anaheim Central Public Library (500 W. Broadway)

 Anaheim Canyon Hills Branch Library (400 Scout Trail)  

Anaheim Haskett Branch Library (2650 W. Broadway) 

Office of Anaheim’s City Clerk (Suite #217 Front Counter at 200 S. Anaheim Boulevard) 

Anaheim West Tower office (First Floor Front Counter at 201 S. Anaheim Boulevard).  

For more information, please contact Robert Hoang, Principal Civil Engineer, at 714-765-4229 or rhoang@anaheim.net.

2020 Urban Water Management Plan including the proposed Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Proposed Amendments to Anaheim’s 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

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