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Borrowing Basics

  • Download the cloudLibrary app to start reading on your computer, tablet,
    or mobile device.

  • Use your Anaheim Public Library Card Number to download free eBooks
    and audiobooks

    • Don’t have an Anaheim Public Library Card? Apply today!
  • Patrons may borrow up to ten titles for 21 days.

  • A maximum of ten holds may be placed at a time.

Borrow Audiobooks & eBooks

  • Browse the collection and find eBooks and audiobooks in several languages, genres, and books for all ages.
  • Enki California Digital Library, in partnership with Bibliolabs, has made a digital library available to every person in California - no library card required. Browse the collection here.


Tumble Book Library

• Puzzles & Games
Language Learning
Story Books


Prestamo de Libros en Audio e Libros Electrónicos

• Libros en español
Libros en español para niños


cloudLibrary Help

• Learn about the new cloudLibrary
• How to Access Audiobooks & eBooks from Any Device
In-Person Assistance
• How-To Videos
• CloudLibrary FAQ

Downloadable items are compatible with most eBook devices and Smartphones. 

While the Anaheim Public Library strives to provide high-quality customer support for our Digital Collection, the wide variety of computer operating systems and configurations of personal computers make it impossible for the library to guarantee that all software will run on all electronic devices. 

Library staff can provide assistance with installing and navigating software. We cannot provide personalized troubleshooting for operating systems or software configurations.